We Forge Connections That Make Deals Happen

Centurion Capital Corporation is a leading global financial and commodities Firm.  We bridge the gap between proven commodities suppliers and capable end buyers.

Our financial arm works in partnership with the world's leading financial institutions to find solutions for complex financing requirements ranging from major infastructure projects globally to mining, real estate and agricultural products.  We also have a core strength in leveraging assets in the capital markets.

Centurion Capital has forged lasting partnerships throughout the international commodities and financial community and work hand in hand with talented people around the world to move products that fill the needs of both buyers and sellers.

We understand the local practices, regulations and cultural differences in the world market.  This indepth understanding allows us to streamline the complex process of international trade resulting in transactions that are of great value to our clients.

Alignment of Interests

Centurion Capital's strength results from our global network of over one hundred highly skilled associates.

Our singular focus on our clientele's needs has allowed us to assume a leading, global role in the very competitive and diversified marketplace in which we operate.  We have forged longterm trusting relationships throughout world markets by operating with integrity, honesty and a belief that the clients needs always come first.   This value system is the foundation of our success.

Our clientele are our partners too, and our relationships with them are buit on a solid foundation of honesty, transparency, mutual respect and the desire to build and sustain lasting value for both parties.

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